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  • Friday, July 10, 2015
  • Saturday, July 11, 2015
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The Proposal Summary deadline for the CELEF Academic Session at TESOL 2016 has been EXTENDED to JULY 10, 2015with full proposals due by July 17.

TESOL 2016 Convention ThemeBeyond Borders

CELEF Academic SessionTeaching and Learning English in Difficult Circumstances

The Christian English Language Educators Forum (CELEF) invites proposals for papers to be presented in the space of 20 minutes in an academic session to be held at the 2016 TESOL Convention in Baltimore, Maryland April 5-8, 2016.  Three proposals will be selected for presentation.  Following presentation of the papers, there will be fifteen minutes allotted for questions and comments from the audience.  Papers should represent original work or research that focuses on cultural, educational, or linguistic issues in line with the theme and provides a Christian perspective on English language teaching and learning.

Theme: Christian ELT professionals work in a variety of difficult circumstances, including low-resource settings, politically or religiously repressive societies, regions suffering violent conflict, or classrooms serving refugees and other learners with special needs.  Three papers in this academic session will explore the challenges of working in these situations, drawing on research and good ELT practices.

Rationale: Our changing world will always create challenges for our work as Christian English language educators.  God has called us to work with the poor, the widows and orphans, the homeless, the marginalized: “things despised by the world, things counted as nothing at all” (I Cor. 1:28). Teaching English is one way we can come alongside those in need. Christian English Language teachers must rise to these teaching and learning challenges with excellence and integrity, sharing mutually with non-believing colleagues resources for working in difficult circumstances.

 The process of selecting proposals will take place in two stages:

1. By July 10 send a one-paragraph summary of what you are interested in presenting on, explaining how it fits the theme for the session.  Send this summary directly in the text of an e-mail (no attachments please) to Sharry Andrews (

2. a. By July 11 those who have submitted summaries that look the most promising will be asked to submit a full proposal according to the guidelines below.

    b. Full proposals are due by midnight on July 17.  Those selected will be notified by July 20.


Full proposals will be screened using the following criteria (adapted from the TESOL rubric for proposals):

1.      The topic is current, important, and directly related to the theme of the session.

2.      The proposal provides a Christian perspective on English language teaching, teacher-student relationships, teacher preparation, ELT professional development, or related topics.

3.      The proposal is appropriate for a 20-minute presentation along with two other papers.

4.      The proposal clearly states the objectives and participant outcomes and refers clearly to the theory, practice, and/or research on which the presentation will be based

5.      The proposal provides details to indicate that the practices, conclusions, or recommendations will be well substantiated.

6.      The proposal is written in a polished and compelling manner.

All full proposals must include:

Section One

  • Presenters' name, affiliation, mail address, e-mail address, and phone number with country and area code
  • Brief bio (50 words maximum)

Section Two

  • The proposal title (10 words maximum)
  • The proposal summary (75 words maximum)
  • The proposal abstract (300 words maximum)

Note: Those submitting a proposal should genuinely intend to be present for the convention and be prepared to bear all the costs of attendance; CELEF does not have funds to pay for presenters’ expenses.

Summaries (now) and full proposals (later) should be submitted directly in the text of an e-mail (no attachments please) to Sharry Andrews (

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